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About Mazatlan

Known in Mexico as “La Perla del Pacífico” (the Pearl of the Pacific), Mazatlán is a well-established beach destination for national and international tourism, with direct all-year or seasonal non-stop flights from many cities in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

For more information on flights we provide the official Mazatlan International Airport link:–routes.htm.

Located at the doorstep of the Sea of Cortez, its easy climate with an yearly average of 77ºF (25 ºC), beautiful downtown with a tropical/neoclassic and French-baroque architecture, world renown cuisine, long and sandy beaches were you can enjoy astonishing sunsets; as well as an ample, high quality offer, of health services by recognized professionals with the already famous Mexican-humane easygoing manner, make Mazatlán your best option for any medical procedure; not to mention that due to its turist niche, is a well flight-connected location.

Mazatlan Health is more than just a medical tourism facilitator, that’s why we offer through our partners unique opportunities for our patients and/or his companion(s) to enjoy all the amenities this rich Mexican destination has to offer, therefore we are sure you won’t regret letting us help you get better.

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