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Most sought after procedures

All procedures are done by registred medical personnel, you will be accompanied by an English speaking medical doctor at all times.

If the treatment you are interested in, is not listed, you are welcome to send us an email and we will address all your questions or concerns.

Prices are shown for information purposes only and may change patient to patient.

Total hip replacement (9 612 USD)

Knee replacement (8 950 USD)

Knee arthroscopy - Meniscus (4 000 USD)

Knee arthroscopy - Cross ligaments (6 000 USD)

Qx Shoulder-Rotator Cuff (4 640 USD)

Gastric balloon (2 983 USD)

Gastric sleeve (5 303 USD)

Gastric bypass (6 630 USD)

Fertility treatment - IVF (7 300 USD)

Fertility treatment - IUI (1 700 USD)

Lasik -both eyes- (1 700 USD)

Cataract surgery -per eye- (1 700 USD)

Tummy tuck (4 900 USD)

Liposuction (5 210 USD)

Breast implants (5 405 USD)

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